The origins of the Attica uprising

In this bonus segment, we return to renowned historian Heather Ann Thompson as she elaborates on the origins of the historic 1971 Attica Uprising, drawing out their resonances with other prison rebellions across history and geography, as well as their telling implications for our present historical moment. For more from Heather Ann Thompson on the…

The riots will continue

In this episode we examine the expansion of the carceral state as a response to anti-racist movements and urban rebellions of the 1960s, the political economic underpinnings of these social transformations, and the ways in which historic instances of prisoner rebellion are continuous with present-day resistance behind bars and point toward upheavals yet to come….

What do we mean by abolition?

On the 213th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution, we feature the voices of Professor Liat Ben-Moshe and Chaz, an incarcerated trans woman who is fighting for lgbtq liberation.