Rustbelt Abolition Radio puts the voices of organizers and intellectuals both inside and outside state custody in conversation with each other to examine the question of abolition and grapple with its challenges and possibilities. Half hour episodes are released roughly once a month.

Please contact us for news-free episode versions that are 29min long, FCC-compliant and broadcast-ready!

Complete episodes with news headlines are available here, via our RSS feed. Each of these except for EP02 are FCC-compliant and broadcast-ready.

We grant consent to air the programs non-commercially and in their entirety (i.e., not edited, excerpted, or otherwise partially aired). For other uses, please contact us directly.

Creative Commons License

Want to share Rustbelt Abolition Radio with others in your area? Contact your local community radio station and let them know about the show! We can also recommend some great abolitionist programs to pair it with.

Or catch us on Channel Zero Network, a newly formed podcast network of several anti-authoritarian English language podcasts. Rustbelt Abolition Radio is excited to be co-conspirators in this horizontally run organization that is lead by the podcasters themselves. Tune in to hear the program in rotation with audio-zines, dope analytic lineups, and radical music to fuel true grass roots power.

Rustbelt Abolition Radio is easy to stream using the following digital distribution platforms:
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